Next-generation capabilities for today's tactical radios

Across DoD & Allied arsenals, hundreds of thousands of legacy radios are locked to the last fight

Replacing them at the speed and scale of relevance is not possible. Unchecked, this gap threatens maneuver & survival of Allied operators in the next fight

Operators and PEOs also bear the growing burden of single purpose radio systems required by emerging missions & threats

The physical, support & cognitive impacts compound as more hardware is piled on operators & platforms

For warfighters who want whip antenna simplicity, but need directional antenna range & LPI/LPD on-the-move, NOMAD is the answer.

NOMAD is a drop-in RF Hub that routes UHF thru Ku-band radios dynamically to advanced directional antennas without the need for user inputs. RF where you want it, not where you don't, automatically.

With less hardware, plus built-in passive radar/sensing, NOMAD boosts survivability agility & lethality.

We are a passionate team of operators & engineers hellbent on finding mission-solution fit at the speed and scale of relevance.

NOMAD field testing is scheduled to start in Q3 2024 with operational units. If you are interested in learning, testing or shaping NOMAD's capabilities please contact us at